About Us

PC Staffing Solutions is a division of PC Global Group with the focus on recruitment projects and was established locally for the sole purpose of finding the right employee for the right employer. We specialise in being the link between job seekers and employers, matching the profile of the job seeker to the needs of the employer to provide for a perfect integration to the company. We’re an executive search firm that provides quality staffing solutions to our clients. At PC Staffing, we understand that our client’s needs are never static, and that its people that are a company’s most important resource. Our goal is to refine the recruitment process through our expertise and knowledge, thus ensuring that our clients are engaged with people that will propel their organisation towards success. PC Staffing specialises in the recruitment of permanent and contractual staffing requirements.


PC Staffing’s vision is to be the premier partner in providing quality staffing solutions to all business entities. Our mission is to consistently deliver these quality staffing solutions efficiently and cost-effectively. At PC Staffing, our policy is to offer uphold our values through all business proposals, and to honour our service statement through our interactions, and dealings with our candidates.


Passion and Integrity – Every recruitment consultant at PC Staffing Solutions is passionate. We are passionate about our job, passionate about people and passionate about our relationships with you – our clients, candidates and colleagues. PC Staffing’s dominant aim is to ensure that our integrity is based upon mutual trust; endangered by the maintenance of the highest ethical standards in all dealings with our clients and candidates. We strive to consistently deliver only the best business practice standards that our clients will benefit from.

Our Promise

At PC Staffing Solutions, our focus is to understand, assess, design and implement a quality staffing solution that’s best for our clients’ specific needs and goals while maximising the resources allocated to us. Our consultants are always in pursuit of our client’s staffing requirements – working within their budgetary constraints and understanding their business structures to meet the specific objectives of our clients.

Similarly, we treat all candidates with equal standing and it is our desire to seek a job for every candidate who has submitted their resumes to our company, we are personally committed to respond to every inquiry, feedback and requisite of all our candidates. In short, we are a group of independent professionals that ensures the needs of our clients and candidates will be intertwined such that a common mutual benefit can be achieved.